The textile manufacturing industry is the world’s second largest polluter behind oil and gas, but SAOLA Shoes is on a mission to do better. Made with recycled and organic materials, every pair of SAOLAs backs an environmental conservation project. Added bonus: the buyer gets to choose the project, and we are one of the three pre-selected options. Please select Save the Turtles, so we can help pay salaries of turtle protectors who save sea turtles from poachers.

Thank you!

Save the Turtles

Because of the generosity of our donors, we were able to send a grant to Asociación Salvemos las Tortugas de Parismina (ASTOP), a community- based conservation project in Costa Rica. We have been supporting this dedicated project since 2001 ( yes, even before we were an official non-profit). Your donations help our humble efforts to help pay for the salaries of turtle patrollers. Vicky Taylor, President (ASTOP) in Barra de Parismina wrote, “On behalf of ASTOP, I want to thank you and your supporters for the donation of $500. The donation will pay the wages for one patroller for 35 nights, which is of great value to us… Warmest regards, Vicky”

Thank you to all the generous people who made our fundraiser a success on May 25, 2018!!

Fundraiser to Save Sea Turtles

Friday, May 25, 2018

4:00 to 7:00 pm

Meet the Save the Turtles Board of Directors, (aka, The Turtlers)

Local Fundraiser at Oliver’s Market
560 Montecito Center,
Santa Rosa, CA 95409 (Rincon Valley)

We will have locally hand-crafted jewelry and Costa Rican hand-made jewelry available, as well as other lovely items. We really are an all-volunteer organization, so your donations really save endangered sea turtles!

Our fundraiser will support sea turtle protection; we send grants to a community project in Costa Rica to help pay salaries of turtle patrollers who protect nesting sea turtles and their eggs from poachers.