Save the Turtles helps to fund the salaries of turtle patrollers who walk the beach at night protecting vulnerable nesting sea turtles and their eggs from poachers. These funds help support Asociacion Salvemos las Tortugas de Parismina (ASTOP), a community-based organization in Costa Rica. In a recent report, ASTOP provided the following data about their conservation project.

We are excited to learn that ASTOP has been successful in the protection of nesting sea turtles resulting in the births of over 4,539 baby turtles who were able to make their first journey to the ocean. The data includes 4 different species of endangered sea turtles.

As of October 1, 2019:

The following are the numbers of baby turtles born: ( also known as hatchlings, neonatos, tortuguitas).

Leatherback (Baulas) hatchlings born: 2249 (WOW, that is a substantial number of leatherbacks born)!

Hawksbill Sea Turtle (Tortuga Carey) hatchlings born: 221

Green Sea Turtle (Tortugas Verde) hatchlings born: 349 (there are 29 more nests yet to be counted!)

Loggerhead (Caretta caretta) 1 nest) 88 born (a rare species for Parismina’s beach)

Save the Turtles

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