Kid-Friendly Resources For the Study of Sea Turtles and Conservation

Hi Kids,

Learning about sea turtles will be a great adventure. Did you know that they lived before the time of the dinosaurs? Yet today, they are endangered, meaning they might not survive.

Sea Turtle Facts, Effects of Climate Change, Plastic in our Oceans, and Interactive Games

Save the Turtles, Inc. (Yes, this is us.) We have great photos of sea turtles, information on each species.

Sea Turtle Restoration Project
Great information and political action activities to help sea turtles.:

National Geographic: Accredited lesson plan on Endangered Species (offers K-12)

U.S. Fish and Wildlife: Endangered Species Program: Government site lists endangered, threatened and extinct species and plants.

National Geographic:

National Geographic has a wonderful video as you can learn about climate change:

National Geographic video shows harmful effects of plastic straws stuck inside sea turtles noses:

Australian Academy of Science videao shows harmful effects of plastic in the ocean on sea turtles:

PBS shares a great video :

Caribbean Conservation Corporation:

NOAA has fantastic, amazing interactive games on many levels to learn about sea turtles’ survival.

Euroturtle demonstrates the cycle of life, and the threats sea turtles face:

Another great game whereby you can choose what happens next with the sea turtles: