Our Mission: Direct Protection of Sea Turtles and Their Eggs from Poachers

Poachers come in the cover of night to rob her eggs. Sometimes they come for her meat, killing all turtles on a beach; sometimes they take them alive on cruel journeys to be sold on the black market.

A sea turtle is never so vulnerable as when she comes ashore to lay her eggs. The nesting process takes hours. A sea turtle must dig a hole 2 to 5 feet deep to deposit her eggs. Afterwards, she must carefully fill and camouflage the hole – her last attempt to protect the offspring she must leave behind.

Sea Turtle Patrollers make the difference. Patrolling is a direct protection, boots-on-the-ground job.
It’s difficult—sometimes dangerous—but a highly effective conservation tool. Countless sea turtles and habitats exist today that would not without community-based patrollers. They walk the beach through the night, often in tropical downpours. When they find a nesting turtle, they sit with her, protecting her until she returns to the ocean and safeguarding her eggs thereafter. When the hatchlings emerge, patrollers protect them on their first journey to the ocean.

You Can Help Save Sea Turtles:

Donate to Save Turtles: Nonprofit funds patrollers saving sea turtles from poachers. Help stop the killing.
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Save the Turtles is a grassroots, all-volunteer non-profit that has been saving endangered sea turtles since 2001. We raise money to pay the salaries of community-based turtle patrollers. Nearly all monies raised goes to direct protection of sea turtles. Your donation also goes a long way to support a sustainable community based on sea turtle conservation.

Why Care About Sea Turtles? Marine Biologists know sea turtles are essential for the health of our eco-system. Sea turtles play vital roles in the health of our oceans and on land. Each of the 7 species provides critical activities which has a domino effects on many species in the ocean and the land.

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Saving the planet, one turtle at a time ...